How mock elections confuse children and shape our future

By: Ian J. Smith In 2012 schools nationwide hosted mock elections to find out whom their students would pick for president.  The point of these is to shed light on a younger perspective and make students feel like they are part of the political action.  While they may feel more politically responsible, these mock elections force children to choose a party and candidate when they … Continue reading How mock elections confuse children and shape our future

Georgia takes the heat in gender neutral restroom controversy

By: Nadia Pressley National media has recently had a lot to say about gay and transgender individuals. The controversy over House Bill 2 (otherwise known as HB2), which banned residents of North Carolina from using any restroom that does not correspond with their biological sex received numerous reactions, both positive and negative. Ultimately, the argument over transgender people and their right to have access to … Continue reading Georgia takes the heat in gender neutral restroom controversy

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A warm welcome to Athens

By: Sydney Calhoun Southern Hospitality…something Athens, Ga., cultivates in its downtown. A warm smile and glass of sweet tea is never far, and unlike anywhere else locals are not just citizens, but a family of artists, owners and entrepreneurs. With the heart of town being the University of Georgia, Athens serves as home to dawg fans, food critics and coffee connoisseurs. Where college town meets … Continue reading A warm welcome to Athens

Bullying still hacks at the LGBT minority

By: Bernarda Cervantes “The mission of Cartersville High School is to prepare students to become informed, contributing members of society through vigorous instruction in a caring, compassionate culture.” It’s noble, and it’s what all schools should aspire to do. But what happens when that culture isn’t caring or compassionate to all students? It’s universally agreed upon that bullying is wrong. Schools treat bullying as a … Continue reading Bullying still hacks at the LGBT minority

A new favorite

By: Coles Ehlers Everyone’s heard of frozen yogurt places where you choose your own toppings, but have you ever done that in a donut shop? Zombie Donuts recently expanded from it’s Washington, DC location to Athens and has become a community favorite. Opened recently in Athens by University of Georgia alumnus Tony Raffa, the business is built around the idea of customer’s choice and knowing … Continue reading A new favorite