In-helmet communication coming to the SEC

By: Liza Bilich The SEC continues to discuss the implementation of in-helmet communication in the 2017 football season. Conference officials discussed in-helmet communication at the recent spring football meetings, but want more conversations before deciding how and when to introduce it. Discussions about the cost, how to limit the use, and which players on the field get to use them, would need to be decided … Continue reading In-helmet communication coming to the SEC

Quidditch comes to life

By: Hannah Fogus Quidditch, the high-flying game made popular by the Harry Potter series, has become a popular past time across college campuses throughout the United States and the world. Broomsticks are used, but don’t have the magical powers to make the players take flight. Eighty college quidditch teams recently took part in the World Cup 8 of 2016 on April 11-12 in Rock Hill, … Continue reading Quidditch comes to life

Uniform policy needs consistent enforcement

By: Amanda Campbell Uniform policy is a legitimate issue in private schools. It certainly divides students at The King’s Academy in Woodstock, Georgia. The range of who monitors the dress code invites inconsistency and preferential treatment. During an average day at school, the teacher’s assistants are primarily responsible for noticing dress code violations. The offender is asked to remove the garment and receives a demerit. … Continue reading Uniform policy needs consistent enforcement