Bullying still hacks at the LGBT minority

By: Bernarda Cervantes “The mission of Cartersville High School is to prepare students to become informed, contributing members of society through vigorous instruction in a caring, compassionate culture.” It’s noble, and it’s what all schools should aspire to do. But what happens when that culture isn’t caring or compassionate to all students? It’s universally agreed upon that bullying is wrong. Schools treat bullying as a … Continue reading Bullying still hacks at the LGBT minority

Racial tension in school

By: Vincent Knight My school has been more and more racially insensitive. I go to The Paideia School, which is 27% minority students. At my school, there has been more tension revolving around racial bias in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The 2015-16 school year especially, the teachers profiled a lot of the minority kids, and punished the minority students more than the … Continue reading Racial tension in school

Procrastination enhances learning experience

By: Andi Breitowich You look at the clock and realize its already 9 at night. That essay that you have known about for two weeks is due tomorrow. You have continually reprioritized your responsibilities time and time again, but now its crunch time. Procrastination has overcome you, yet again. In today`s society speed is often rewarded. We strive to be the first, the quickest, and … Continue reading Procrastination enhances learning experience