A warm welcome to Athens

By: Sydney Calhoun

Southern Hospitality…something Athens, Ga., cultivates in its downtown. A warm smile and glass of sweet tea is never far, and unlike anywhere else locals are not just citizens, but a family of artists, owners and entrepreneurs. With the heart of town being the University of Georgia, Athens serves as home to dawg fans, food critics and coffee connoisseurs. Where college town meets urban, I consider it the Brooklyn of the South.

Born and raised in San Diego, Calif., I’ve never experienced Southern Hospitality until my trip to Athens. While wandering through UGA’s North Campus, I found myself at the Arch and within seconds, a part of the hustle and bustle. I discovered the spots where one truly interacts with the hospitable ways of Athens.


Community – Cobbham Neighborhood
Located along Prince Avenue

When I think of a small town, I think of borrowing sugar from your neighbor, and throwing carnivals at the residential park. Life seems to take the more simple route taking time to enjoy the little things—football, tea, food and music.

“Growing up in Athens has impacted my life,” said Clarke Central High School Sophomore Coles Ehlers. “In a small town you get to experience the welcoming ways of the city, and the town.”


Food – Ted’s Most Best
254 W Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

With the perfect meal comes tradition, and in a town where recipes are handed down, the restaurants are inevitably mouth-watering. Not only does the food have a traditional taste, and presentation, but the buildings themselves hold a charming history making you feel a little less of a customer, and more of a guest. Ted’s Most Best is more than your average eatery—it was even transformed from an old tire garage.

“The owner’s name was Ted, and he actually passed,” said employee Andrea Demarcus. “He was the man around town, a huge musician, and he was friends with a lot of people. They always wanted to start a pizza place, and they decided to dedicate it in his name.”


Shopping – Fringe Boutique
153 E Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601

Have you ever been into a store and not received help or even a hello? Well in Athens, customer service is their specialty, and you can expect a warm welcome with help to find the right dress, accessory, or antique. From the small details in the packaging down to the windows, one experiences the comfort of a locally owned store.