Get it together, public high school

By: Caroline Franklin High School bathrooms are often a place that sets fear in the very heart of students. At Milton High School, it is no different from the rest of the world. With a severe lack of janitorial staff, it seems impossible for Milton to get it together. Colleen Williams, the Sophomore Class President said it herself, “We are extremely short on janitors, we … Continue reading Get it together, public high school

Revival of retro culture

By: Taylor Bailey In Wuxtry Records, which makes its home in the congenial streets of Athens’ downtown scene, a variety of people can be found browsing boxes of vinyl LPs arranged collectively by year and genre. In a tie dyed T-shirt displaying the colorful marching bears known to represent 1960s American rock band The Grateful Dead, Tessa Higdon, a millennial, stated that she enjoys seeing others … Continue reading Revival of retro culture

School construction takes a toll on student life and campus accessibility

By: Morgan Champion With North Forsyth High School’s extensive four-year construction project beginning to demolish, build, and pave the way for multiple new roads and buildings, both student life and the layout of campus have dramatically changed—sometimes for the worse. Construction on a new cafeteria and library as well as new classrooms have resulted in the former carpool entrance and main office being relocated to … Continue reading School construction takes a toll on student life and campus accessibility

Excessive security won’t save our schools

By: Ian J. Smith Breaches in security at public schools- as major as the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting and as minor as the “break-in” last school year at my school- have schools attempting to increase security. How they are going about it, unfortunately, does not make much sense. Our local paper can sum up the story of what transpired last October. The problem with these … Continue reading Excessive security won’t save our schools

Minding the mentality

By: Nythia Mahakala and Sophie Nitsche When Michelle Nelson walks into her fourth year college classroom at the University of Georgia, she knows that, statistically, a handful of peers struggle with a mental disorder. “I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve had like panic attacks and breakdowns over college and grades,” Nelson said. The stress of deadlines and projects may contribute to depression, anxiety or other … Continue reading Minding the mentality