Excessive security won’t save our schools

By: Ian J. Smith Breaches in security at public schools- as major as the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting and as minor as the “break-in” last school year at my school- have schools attempting to increase security. How they are going about it, unfortunately, does not make much sense. Our local paper can sum up the story of what transpired last October. The problem with these … Continue reading Excessive security won’t save our schools

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A warm welcome to Athens

By: Sydney Calhoun Southern Hospitality…something Athens, Ga., cultivates in its downtown. A warm smile and glass of sweet tea is never far, and unlike anywhere else locals are not just citizens, but a family of artists, owners and entrepreneurs. With the heart of town being the University of Georgia, Athens serves as home to dawg fans, food critics and coffee connoisseurs. Where college town meets … Continue reading A warm welcome to Athens

Humans of Athens

By: Taylor Bailey and Sophie Nitsche The Boone Family Robert Boone and his wife Gwendolyn seemed to be enjoying a day out in downtown Athens with their two toddlers, Genevieve and John Arthur, and baby Emily Katherine who was strapped into a harness on her father’s back for transportation. They sat at a patio table, just outside of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop on College Avenue. … Continue reading Humans of Athens

Racial tension in school

By: Vincent Knight My school has been more and more racially insensitive. I go to The Paideia School, which is 27% minority students. At my school, there has been more tension revolving around racial bias in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The 2015-16 school year especially, the teachers profiled a lot of the minority kids, and punished the minority students more than the … Continue reading Racial tension in school

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Parking tickets prove more feasible than passes

By: Emmett Schindler At North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia, students rush to school to get a parking spot each morning. However, many of them fail to purchase a parking pass at the beginning of the semester, but still drive their car to school, rarely getting caught. But when they do get caught, the ticket proves to be an easier fee than the actual … Continue reading Parking tickets prove more feasible than passes