A new favorite

By: Coles Ehlers

Everyone’s heard of frozen yogurt places where you choose your own toppings, but have you ever done that in a donut shop? Zombie Donuts recently expanded from it’s Washington, DC location to Athens and has become a community favorite.

Opened recently in Athens by University of Georgia alumnus Tony Raffa, the business is built around the idea of customer’s choice and knowing what you’re paying for. All donuts cost $1 no matter how many toppings you choose. This goes the same for drinks too, there are no added costs.

Zombie Donuts also has a coffee bar and all the barista gives you is a cup. However, for those who prefer the barista experience, specialty drinks are available. For those who like iced coffee they fixed the problem of the ice diluting the coffee when it melts with the simple solution of coffee ice cubes.

The donuts themselves are also unusual; you order them by filling out a paper sheet with what you want and simply hand it to the worker. They then send it back where the donut is assembled and then give to you.

“The donuts are made fresh every twenty minutes or so, and when you order one a worker takes it off the belt and adds your toppings,” said employee Julie Hong. “Everything is made fresh and in the store.”

The donuts are very thick and fluffy and covered completely with toppings. The cinnamon sugar donut is sweet but doesn’t have the syrupiness of the glaze which appeals to some more than others. The maple bacon was the perfect combo of sweet and salty and had a great cakey texture. They melt in your mouth and are crazy sweet. One donut will fill most people up and they’re not exactly health food.

As a new cafe they have attracted a lot of attention from both Athens and non-Athens citizens.

Neferteri Newman, an Atlanta resident, tried Zombie Donuts for the first time and was impressed.

“It’s delicious,” Newman said. “I would love to come back here again. The service is nice and I really liked it.”

For those interested in trying it for themselves, the shop is located on 350 E. Broad St. and open from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m.. The phone number is (706) 850-2526 and they cater and deliver.