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Starbucks: The not so secret menu

By: Mikayla Ladson   “Hi what can I get you?” This is the generic response I got at my local Starbucks. “Can I get a tall Strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk and two pumps of vanilla, please,” I said. She keyed my order in with a sure whatever look and gesture, asked for my name and then took the next customer. What she did … Continue reading Starbucks: The not so secret menu

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Can’t “makeup” your mind?

By: Ashley Williams From the catwalks of Fashion Week to the halls of high schools, the #nomakeup trend has taken society by storm. For decades, women leaving home without makeup have been associated with disorganization; maybe we’ve overslept, or are enduring some sort of life crisis. However, going out with a face full of carefully applied cosmetics isn’t the right path either; now we’re trying … Continue reading Can’t “makeup” your mind?

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A warm welcome to Athens

By: Sydney Calhoun Southern Hospitality…something Athens, Ga., cultivates in its downtown. A warm smile and glass of sweet tea is never far, and unlike anywhere else locals are not just citizens, but a family of artists, owners and entrepreneurs. With the heart of town being the University of Georgia, Athens serves as home to dawg fans, food critics and coffee connoisseurs. Where college town meets … Continue reading A warm welcome to Athens

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Parking tickets prove more feasible than passes

By: Emmett Schindler At North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia, students rush to school to get a parking spot each morning. However, many of them fail to purchase a parking pass at the beginning of the semester, but still drive their car to school, rarely getting caught. But when they do get caught, the ticket proves to be an easier fee than the actual … Continue reading Parking tickets prove more feasible than passes

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Satellite camps: Ingenuity or unfair advantage?

By: Joel Robinson Who’s that guy in the Allen Iverson jersey? Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and his traveling circus of football camps, ranging from Alabama to Australia have been causing plenty of controversy in the college football world. These satellite camps allow coaches from the Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 to go around the globe and introduce their programs to elite high school … Continue reading Satellite camps: Ingenuity or unfair advantage?

Movie review: Me Before You

By: Amanda Morris “Live boldly. Live well. Live.” Those words end the movie adaption of Jojo Moyes’ book, “Me Before You,” which centers around the relationship between a quadriplegic young man named Will Traynor (played by Sam Claflin) and his caregiver, Louisa Clark (Emilia Clark) At first glance it appears to be the classic love story, but after a closer look, it is clear it … Continue reading Movie review: Me Before You

Get it together, public high school

By: Caroline Franklin High School bathrooms are often a place that sets fear in the very heart of students. At Milton High School, it is no different from the rest of the world. With a severe lack of janitorial staff, it seems impossible for Milton to get it together. Colleen Williams, the Sophomore Class President said it herself, “We are extremely short on janitors, we … Continue reading Get it together, public high school