Minding the mentality

By: Nythia Mahakala and Sophie Nitsche When Michelle Nelson walks into her fourth year college classroom at the University of Georgia, she knows that, statistically, a handful of peers struggle with a mental disorder. “I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve had like panic attacks and breakdowns over college and grades,” Nelson said. The stress of deadlines and projects may contribute to depression, anxiety or other … Continue reading Minding the mentality

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A warm welcome to Athens

By: Sydney Calhoun Southern Hospitality…something Athens, Ga., cultivates in its downtown. A warm smile and glass of sweet tea is never far, and unlike anywhere else locals are not just citizens, but a family of artists, owners and entrepreneurs. With the heart of town being the University of Georgia, Athens serves as home to dawg fans, food critics and coffee connoisseurs. Where college town meets … Continue reading A warm welcome to Athens

In-helmet communication coming to the SEC

By: Liza Bilich The SEC continues to discuss the implementation of in-helmet communication in the 2017 football season. Conference officials discussed in-helmet communication at the recent spring football meetings, but want more conversations before deciding how and when to introduce it. Discussions about the cost, how to limit the use, and which players on the field get to use them, would need to be decided … Continue reading In-helmet communication coming to the SEC