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Can’t “makeup” your mind?

By: Ashley Williams From the catwalks of Fashion Week to the halls of high schools, the #nomakeup trend has taken society by storm. For decades, women leaving home without makeup have been associated with disorganization; maybe we’ve overslept, or are enduring some sort of life crisis. However, going out with a face full of carefully applied cosmetics isn’t the right path either; now we’re trying … Continue reading Can’t “makeup” your mind?

Georgia takes the heat in gender neutral restroom controversy

By: Nadia Pressley National media has recently had a lot to say about gay and transgender individuals. The controversy over House Bill 2 (otherwise known as HB2), which banned residents of North Carolina from using any restroom that does not correspond with their biological sex received numerous reactions, both positive and negative. Ultimately, the argument over transgender people and their right to have access to … Continue reading Georgia takes the heat in gender neutral restroom controversy

Procrastination enhances learning experience

By: Andi Breitowich You look at the clock and realize its already 9 at night. That essay that you have known about for two weeks is due tomorrow. You have continually reprioritized your responsibilities time and time again, but now its crunch time. Procrastination has overcome you, yet again. In today`s society speed is often rewarded. We strive to be the first, the quickest, and … Continue reading Procrastination enhances learning experience