How mock elections confuse children and shape our future

By: Ian J. Smith In 2012 schools nationwide hosted mock elections to find out whom their students would pick for president.  The point of these is to shed light on a younger perspective and make students feel like they are part of the political action.  While they may feel more politically responsible, these mock elections force children to choose a party and candidate when they … Continue reading How mock elections confuse children and shape our future

Bernie or bust

By: Vincent Knight and Amanda Campbell To vote or not to vote, that is the question because some candidates are definitely out of the question. According to a poll conducted by the Editorial class, which asked 52 GJA campers who they would vote for if they were eligible, Bernie Sanders is the clear favorite. Or at least 42% thought so. 35% decided not to choose … Continue reading Bernie or bust

Racial tension in school

By: Vincent Knight My school has been more and more racially insensitive. I go to The Paideia School, which is 27% minority students. At my school, there has been more tension revolving around racial bias in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The 2015-16 school year especially, the teachers profiled a lot of the minority kids, and punished the minority students more than the … Continue reading Racial tension in school