The benefits of one more lap

By: Bronlyn Holland

It’s that time of the year.

Summer training.

Most people will say, “It’s too hot out here,” or “Coach, not another lap. Please?”

I play on the varsity golf team at Ola High School in McDonough, Ga. It is mostly bittersweet. From the rookies coming in and seeing the team and staff, to the seniors who are about to begin their last year, those early practices going over plays to the last lap or mile of the day are crucial to having a better performance as a team.

The UGA football team is starting its first season with head coach Kirby Smart.

This is the time where all the teammates get to meet each other and become a family. All of these guys pretty much expect the same thing for the upcoming season. They have their eyes set on the SEC Championship.

All of the long, tiring days will pay off.

Having this training during the most hottest months can be challenging, but well worth the heat and hard work.

The players are able to get into shape easier and quicker. They build up stamina. I would definitely want to be out there then rather than in the winter or spring because of the cold.

The summer workouts will enhance the player’s performance.

I am doing summer training with the golf team so I will be able to play well when it is either cold or hot.

When the coach says, “All right! One more mile now!” or “Three more suicides! Start now!” I would honestly die.

My training is hard for me , but doesn’t compare to what the football players have to do during this time.

When I started playing golf, it was at the beginning of January and it was freezing. I became accustomed to the cold, but as I played through the months and it became mid-June, I didn’t know if I would make it through nine holes.

Football players know exactly what this experience is like.

Summer training is a time when teams can grow closer.

When they compete against each other to see who can lift the most, they cheer each other on and spot each other. They want the others to be their best. So they will win.

At the end of the game a team wins and the entire team runs out to the middle of the field to celebrate. They hug or huddle and congratulate each other because they have to depend on each other during the game and season.

That’s how it is in golf, but your score isn’t affected by your teammates, only your score affects your overall team score.

All players just need to remember: “One more. One more practice. One more game. One more game closer to the championship.”

At the end of the day, the dreadful summer training is all worth it.

There can’t really be a fall season without it.