Bernie or bust

By: Vincent Knight and Amanda Campbell

Infographic by: Morgan Champion

To vote or not to vote, that is the question because some candidates are definitely out of the question. According to a poll conducted by the Editorial class, which asked 52 GJA campers who they would vote for if they were eligible, Bernie Sanders is the clear favorite. Or at least 42% thought so. 35% decided not to choose the lesser of two (three) evils and not vote at all. Donald Trump only got one vote (you know who you are). 19% sided with Hillary Clinton.

The reasons for Sanders’ popularity among the GJA campers were well stated by Cydnie Cole of Tucker High School, she said, “I’d definitely vote for Bernie. He accepts all types of people, which is what America needs. He understands that diversity is crucial to move on as a country and to gain more international experience whether that pertains to trading or communication. As a millennial, I look for someone who understands that we want freedom for every person no matter where they come from.”

Despite winning our votes at the GSPA, Bernie Sanders was mathematically eliminated from the democratic race. When CNN visited Bernie Sanders’s rally in California, they reported that he gave hope to his supporters in his speech. Bernie Sanders said, “All of you know that when we began this campaign over a year ago we were considered to be a fringe campaign. Over the last year I think that has changed a little bit.”

Millennials are stereotyped as Sanders supporters and our survey concedes with that generalization.

teenage boy
Nathan Wright is the only camper polled who chose Trump.
teenage girl
Nadia Pressley was the 2% that voted “Sanders or Clinton.”
teenage boy
Willie Daniely proudly supports Hillary Clinton as he is eligible to vote in this election.
teenage girl
Addison Elliott contributed to the 35% that voted “none.”