Minding the mentality

By: Nythia Mahakala and Sophie Nitsche When Michelle Nelson walks into her fourth year college classroom at the University of Georgia, she knows that, statistically, a handful of peers struggle with a mental disorder. “I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve had like panic attacks and breakdowns over college and grades,” Nelson said. The stress of deadlines and projects may contribute to depression, anxiety or other … Continue reading Minding the mentality

Online learning: Friend or foe?

By: Caroline Franklin Georgia students, think back to late April. Do you remember the news that we would be required, by the state, to take the Georgia Milestones? The uproar it caused among students, teachers, and parents were astronomical. In addition to students preparing for finals, the academic load of reviewing for the Milestones added to the stress already thick in the air of Georgia … Continue reading Online learning: Friend or foe?