Minding the mentality

By: Nythia Mahakala and Sophie Nitsche When Michelle Nelson walks into her fourth year college classroom at the University of Georgia, she knows that, statistically, a handful of peers struggle with a mental disorder. “I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve had like panic attacks and breakdowns over college and grades,” Nelson said. The stress of deadlines and projects may contribute to depression, anxiety or other … Continue reading Minding the mentality

We need our sleep! Give us less homework!

By: Giana Levy Homework is to blame for the late nights and early mornings for all high school students. The significant amount of homework is a main factor towards sleep deprivation amongst teenagers. Though it’s crucial to successfully complete your assignments as a student, the long-term effects of lack of sleep are quite troublesome, specifically for your mental health. Consequently, the lack of sleep due … Continue reading We need our sleep! Give us less homework!