We need our sleep! Give us less homework!

By: Giana Levy

Homework is to blame for the late nights and early mornings for all high school students. The significant amount of homework is a main factor towards sleep deprivation amongst teenagers. Though it’s crucial to successfully complete your assignments as a student, the long-term effects of lack of sleep are quite troublesome, specifically for your mental health. Consequently, the lack of sleep due to too much homework contributes to high school students’ mental instability.

When you talk about a person’s mental instability, you are referring to the way they think and perform throughout daily activities that are not necessarily “normal.” Effects that sleep deprivation can have are depression, weight gain, drug abuse, and others that are too many to list.

According to Huffington Post, there has been studies that prove teenagers who suffer from lack of sleep because of homework are three times more likely to be depressed due to the fact the body hasn’t been given an opportunity to restore to its balanced state. Without restoring, you may find yourself sleeping in class, not being able to concentrate as easily, anxious, irritated, etc. Along with depression, weight again is a risk. Through research from Daily Mail, lack of sleep slows the metabolism and boosts hunger. As a result, calories are harder to burn since not enough energy is being produced. In addition to the other symptoms, a growing epidemic that is facing the youth is the use of amphetamines, specifically Adderall. A study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that in 2015 7.5 percent of high school students used Adderall as a study aid.

A solution to this growing issue- make a limit on how much homework a teacher can give. Students have had enough. Sydney Smith, a junior from Arabia Mountain High School wanted to express her thoughts.

” It’s stressful when you have homework from class and on top of that you have to study for other classes for the quizzes and test the next day. Sometimes I fall asleep in class and miss important details. It’s not that I do not want stay awake; it’s just that staying up late from too much homework have an effect on my performance in school. There should really be a limit on how much homework a teacher can give.”

Another junior, Caroline Franklin from Milton High School, gave her thoughts on how too much homework affected her too.

“ As a student with multiple mental illnesses, it makes my life very difficult when I cannot sleep for more than 7 hours. I am more prone to panic attacks, anxiety and depressive spells if I am up into the night doing homework.”

As you can see, the students themselves have spoken, and there are plenty more students out there who feel the same way. We need less homework so sleep can be an option! We have spoken our truth, and all we can do is wait to finally be heard.

To our superiors, the ball is in your court.