Transmetropolitan: A great restaurant

By: Santiago Rojas

The Transmetropolitan is a great choice for anyone who likes Italian food and not spending a lot of money. Walking through the doors you will see a beautiful cozy setting followed by an amazing scent smack of some very tasty cuisine. Even though there was a line to be seated, both of the waitresses tended to each individual or group rather quickly making sure everyone was properly situated. It was a bit busy at the moment so giving them our order did take some time but we were given our food shortly after placing our order. Overall the customer service is friendly and fast, which are critical attributes for a restaurant.

Walking through the doors you will notice the perfect lighting that creates a calm mood in the midst of all the noise because again they were busy. The noise did not affect the experience at all however. Everyone was having a great time conversing with one another all while faintly listening to music that carried a very relaxed and fun vibe.

The food was the absolute best part of the whole dining experience. Not only did my friend and I receive our food rather fast, but everyone else did too. The chefs seem to have a really good chemistry among each other as they work efficiently to produce some mouth watering Italian food. The food was hot and the bread given to whoever ordered any kind of pasta is very different but was fresh and slightly crispy and it compliments the dish very well. Other students there as well as families that were there at the moment seemed to be having a great time chatting and dining. The experience has two best parts; the food and the bill. For a heaping delicious plate of chicken Alfredo I spent a whopping $10. You cannot ask for a much better price for the high quality found here.

Emmett Schindler had a slice of supreme pizza and described it as absolutely delicious. He said, “ I would definitely go again and try new things just because my first experience was that good.”

Angela McKelvey also had a slice of pizza and said it really filled her up and she stated “It was a cute little restaurant that had a small town vibe to it with pretty good food and service.” She said she would also return just because her experience with the food and her friends was superb.

So far you know that the pizza and pasta taste great but their entire menu is filled with dishes that sound equally if not more tasty than the ones listed.

In all, the Transmetropolitan is a stylish restaurant with great customer service and chefs that whip up some great food. It is a perfect experience for anyone into the Italian food scene who is looking to make both his or her stomachs and wallets happy.