Top rivalries in college football

By: Hannah Fogus

Sometimes it is hard to hear the commentary from the press box of a football game over the roaring cheers and screams of the fans. These screams are heightened if it is a game between college football rivals.

Rivalries are all over the United States, however there are some rivalries that are intensified from the fans who have been following these rivalries since they were set in place.

The top three rivalries in the country are Alabama-Auburn, Michigan-Ohio State and Oklahoma-Texas.

These rivalries are governed by the fans and players who continue to keep the tension alive, on and off the field.  

Stepping foot in the stadium of an Alabama-Auburn game means you must make the straining decision to chant “War Eagle” or “Roll Tide.” Alabama fans represent the chants of “Roll Tide,” which refers to the school’s Crimson Tide of their crimson and white colors that are bleed deep in the hearts of Alabama fans.

The other half of the stadium consists of Auburn fans chanting ”War Eagle.” The chant dates to 1892, when Auburn met Georgia for the first time on the football field, and it refers to a veteran in the Civil War. These universities are the two largest in the state of Alabama, making them born rivals who are represented by the diehard fans and athletes.

The decision is yours: “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle?”

Known as “The Game,” the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is one of the greatest. The rivalry between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes has been going on since 1897 and was renewed in 1918.

The Michigan stadium can hold up to 109,901 people, with Ohio State holding up to 104,944 people. With both stadiums full for a game, the screams of the thousands of people will leave ringing in your ears for days.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including football and its rivalries. Boomer Sooners and the Longhorns are long time rivals, known as the “Red River Showdown.” The two states are separated by the Red River, giving meaning to the nickname. This big rivalry has created tension among the states.

As a Texan, I can vouch for the fact that Texans and Oklahomans have a strong sense of pride for their state with little appreciation or respect for their neighboring state. There is no such thing as a Longhorn and Boomer Sooners fan. You must make the choice to bleed burnt orange or red and white, there is no in between.

Rivalries have existed for as long as sports have been around. If you’re a sports fan, you most likely have a favorite team with a rival that you can’t stand to see win. This puts a little extra buzz in games to make the energy on and off the field between players and fans more exciting.