Tall and small

By: Amanda Morris and Coles Ehlers


Life at 4’10”

picture 2My name is Amanda Morris; I’m 16 years old and about to be a junior in high school, and I’m also 4’10.” Don’t rub your eyes or try to fix anything, you read that right. 4’10.” Yes, I know it’s unusual, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from always being the shortest in any group of people, it’s that there are some pretty big perks to never reaching five feet.

Sleeping and seating arrangements come to mind. When it comes to sleepovers and the great debate as to who is sleeping on the floor and who gets the bed, I always win. I barely take up any space so I get the bed, the majority of the covers, and a good night’s sleep. As far as airplanes and car rides go, they are more victories for me because while I may get the middle seat, I still get plenty of legroom and the use of not one but two armrests. During car rides, everybody wants me to sit behind them because that means they get maximum legroom and I still get mine.

Clothing, however, is a constant tug of war. Whenever I go into Kohl’s junior section, I find myself swimming in pants that are taller than me and dresses that make me look like a female Wall-E. My solution the kids’ section. Yes, seriously. The lengths are shorter and the prices are lower. My $15 girl’s maxi skirt and I are very happy together.

Girls under 5’2” tend to be considered cute. You have two options with this: fight it and prove you’re something elspicture 1e, or use it to your advantage. I’ve chosen the latter. I’m naturally sarcastic and I’d like to think pretty funny and quick-witted friend, and that is really fun for me. But this isn’t to say that, I’ve loved every minute of being short. I haven’t. I’m not an armrest or something you can put books on and sometimes I do feel (physically) cut off from people because the conversation is literally going on over my head.

While my height is in no way the defining characteristic of who I am, it is a part of it. I know I will never reach the cookie jar on the top shelf or even on the second highest, and maybe I’ll never play in the WNBA, but that’s okay because no matter how old I get I will always win hide and go seek. I like my life down here at 4’10”; it fits me. And yes, in case you were wondering: the weather down here is lovely.


Life at 6’6″

Being 6’6 has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s naturally easier for me to do things such as run and swim, but when it comes to a car or airplane seat, shorter people win. People respect you more and everyone looks up to you, but you have to duck going through a doorway. Don’t get me wrong, I love being tall and it’s way better than being short, but shorties win sometimes.


  • Advantage in some sports
  • Reach the high shelvespicture 3
  • People think you’re older
  • Everyone looks up to you
  • People respect you more
  • You can always see over a crowd
  • Everyone can always find you


  • Fitting in seats
  • Hitting your head on stuff
  • Always being asked about height
  • Hard to buy clothes

By the way, I don’t play basketball and yeah, the weather up here is great.