Glee: The reality of high school through music

By: Giana Levy

Chaos arouses from every corner. Students run left and right. Teachers and staff trying to gain order from the sudden outburst; however, this is not an outburst of terror or frustration, but an outburst of…. music.

Glee is a television show that strongly depicted real-life situations that high school students endure everyday. Though most of the show told its story through song, the show never failed to bring up controversial subject matters, give insight on situations that are not really publicized, and provide you with a food for thought on topics you would not have given a second thought. But most importantly, Glee always taught and reminded you to always be accepting of yourself.

Since the television show centered on the musical aspect, it feels only appropriate to critique the music selected. The music used reached a wide range of audiences born in the late 20th century to the present. The songs were catchy and fun to sing along with even if you did not know the words. The songs picked for each episode did a superb job on coinciding with the mood of the different scenes. The effectiveness of the soundtrack gave a personal connection between the audience, characters, and storyline, which was so deep, it almost felt like you were a character in the show.

Alongside the musical aspect, the acting was phenomenal. For example, there was an episode with the female football coach transitioning to become a male. Once they returned from taking time off, they were faced with bullying from their football players and staff. However, the only people they could rely on to be in their corner were their community, which happen to include the Glee Club. Actors who are not going through the situations themselves cannot usually achieve the powerful emotions felt in this episode. Other storylines the show faced included the stress of applying to college, teen pregnancy, struggling on finding one’s individuality, and many more common situations that students face on a daily basis. The actors honestly put themselves in the mindset of real high school students, which truly showed throughout all episodes making it incredibly relatable.

The storylines for each episode were situations that typically happen in reality. Thus, making it enjoyable to watch while thinking, “Been there, done that.” The stories created were issues that coincided with what was going on in the real world. Whatever situations were on the news were on the show but with a solution, making it very up to date with current social issues.

I absolutely recommend this show to be the next one you binge watch. Due to the fact the show starts sophomore year of high school, I recommend people fifteen years of age and up watch it because there are situations that only this demographic will be able to understand and relate to. Nevertheless, it’s a show worth watching.