Movie review: Captain America

By: Cam Moore

In the weeks leading up to “Captain America: Civil War,” trailers answered some questions comic book and Marvel fans had about the film, and raised about twice as many as they answered. No one was quite sure how close it would follow the 2006-2007 Marvel comic book storyline of the same name (minus the Captain America heading, which we’ll talk about later).

Although it wasn’t 100 percent accurate to the comics, as most of the Marvel movies aren’t, Marvel Studios worked very well with what they had. They obviously can’t include things that belong to 20th Century Fox, such as the Fantastic Four, and members of the X-Men. Being a superhero nerd at heart and having seen a heavy majority of the movies and television shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe myself, it can be said with confidence, that this movie didn’t need any of those things anyway. It provided a great story that worked well as a continuation of the universe, as well as a launching off point for things to come.

It was also heavily rumored, but still unknown, whether or not Spider-Man would make an appearance. That is, until the second trailer release finally revealed he in fact would be in the movie, as well as what the MCU web-slinger would look like. And he looks, no pun intended, amazing. The wall crawling, web slinging and agile motion of the web-head that is featured is some of the best looking and most accurate that has ever been put on the big screen.

Although viewers may find his voice a bit too juvenile, Tom Holland as our third live-action iteration of Peter Parker/Spider-Man does not disappoint. Although there’s no doubt that there will still be endless debate of which actor played the role best, Holland really made this iconic role his own, and got hard-core Spidey fans, such as myself, excited to see what else he has to offer in the upcoming film, “Spider-Man Homecoming.”

Since the movie’s release last month, it’s been said that the movie portrays Tony Stark/Iron Man as the antagonist of the film, rather than showing either side as a relatable one. This is true to some extent. The movie does focus slightly more on Cap and his team of heroes rather than Iron Man and his team; it is the third Captain America movie, after all. However, Iron Man’s view was not portrayed as the wrong side. His motivations were very coherent and felt like a very reasonable stance to take. So much so, actually, that if you’re going into this movie on Team Cap, you might find yourself questioning your loyalty throughout the film at various different scenes. Even the motivations of the main villain of the film, Baron Zemo, although shrouded in mystery throughout the film, were understood and also seemed reasonable by the end of the movie.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, and all the superhero action and fighting that comes with them, you’ll enjoy this one.