Bus build up at school causes chaos

By: Santiago Rojas

For the students enrolled at Meadowcreek High School, just getting into the building in the morning is the hardest part of the day. Most people will say that the classes should be the hardest part of the school day, and while though they are hard, that is not the case here. All the buses arrive at school around 6:40, yet no one is allowed off. Not until 6:50 when the doors to the buses fling open and all the students are released into the building. That’s over 3,000 kids coming in all at once http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us. The system that has been set in place has been a huge hassle and can actually be considered a safety risk due to the almost riot-like entrance made by the students. With all the students coming in at once, the lines for breakfast get extremely long. Those who are at the end of the line find themselves waiting for 20 to 30 minutes at times. These students then have to go and get tardy passes and they build up gradually. Then parents get mad because they receive phone calls from the school saying that their kid was tardy to class, and the cycle continues. This system of letting all the kids go at once produces a domino effect of problems.

A couple of students were asked what their routine for arrival is like at their school and they all responded with, “ As soon as the bus arrives and stops we are let off to go about our day.” They all said something along the lines of the morning not feeling so rushed. It is calm as everyone gets to where they need to be.

I do understand the reason behind it however. By letting all the kids off the buses and into the building at one time, it allows for the entire student body to be in one place at the same time rather than being dispersed all throughout the large campus. The whole concept of trying to keep everyone in one place as the day begins is good, however the execution is poor.

It is unwise and unsafe to try and herd this many kids like sheep. It brings forth a variety of problems that annoy not only the students but also some of the teachers. It also overwhelms the cafeteria staff if they are running behind by even a couple of seconds. Complaints have been made over the years regarding this, but still nothing has changed. Now we, the student body as a whole, will bring this problem up and go directly to talk to the principal. By talking to many of the kids at school about this issue it is evident that if presented with a petition to change this, enough signatures can be collected to make a difference. By switching up this system, it could improve the mood of the students in the morning, it could improve the safety of the students, and it could improve the traffic that comes along after all the buses leave at the same time.