Movie review: Batman v Superman

By: Ana Gonzalez

One of the most widely anticipated films of 2016 seems to be nothing more than a convoluted mess of a plot that confused more audience members than excite them. The movie in question is none other than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was released on March 20th. Henry Cavill reprised his role as Superman and Ben Affleck donned the cape and cowl for the first time. The film pitted two of the most iconic American superheroes against each other in what was advertised as an epic clash between protectors of the innocent. As soon as the first scene unravels, however, oblivious citizens of the public will be thrown into a dizzying and overwhelming two and a half hour experience.

For starters, the film presses a brooding atmosphere upon viewers. The vibe feels off for a movie staring the usually hopeful Man of Steel and appears too twisted even for the Dark Knight. Actors are killed left and right onscreen and the protagonists act like its just another day at the office. Any devious preteens who sneak into this PG-13 movie will be mortified to see their favorite superheroes disregard death and, at times, do the terrible deed themselves without remorse.

The premise of the movie is another poor attribute. The idea behind why two “savers of the world” would ever fight each other seems to have been hastily generated. The grudge that is supposed to propel the film to its eventual violent (and ultimately disappointing) climax is simply unbelievable. Without a strong basis for a conflict, how could the film’s crew possibly expect that a strong story could grow?

The greatest felony committed by this feature, however, is the frayed screenwriting. Flashbacks needlessly litter the movie without warning, making viewers question whether any important information had been shared or not. There are also scenes that take time out of the main storyline to promote future films. “(I think) DC is desperately trying to compete with Marvel because of so much foreshadowing…” says Danny Martinez, a senior at Pope High School. “There was too much…foreshadowing and not enough of the actual battle.” Indeed, films involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are known to allude to future studio productions. But Batman v Superman’s shameless attempt to conjure excitement for 2017’s Justice League interrupted the storyline. If anything, the scenes showing quick shots of new superheroes only added to the terribly long, and rather bland, running time.

In all honesty, this movie is stained with many flaws that made the film difficult to watch. “(Both protagonists) clash in a bid to launch a new superhero franchise, but Zack Snyder’s shoddy adventure never gets off the ground,” says critic Mark Kermode. His words say it all. The DC universe may have better luck in its upcoming barrage of superhero films, but this flick is one best left alone.